Ensuring Security in SAP Systems  (E-Book)

Patrick Boch
Ensuring Security in SAP Systems (E-Book)
Januar 2015
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SAP systems contain companies’ most valuable data. Therefore, sufficient attention must always be paid to the measures involved in securing them. Such information is precisely what malicious entities seek to access, and the number of attacks registered on SAP systems has increased – in some cases, dramatically so – in recent years. It is thus all the more important to scrutinize all of the aspects of safeguarding SAP systems.

This document describes the most crucial areas, settings, and considerations that should be observed in the process. Along with the configuration of SAP NetWeaver (Basis),these mainly cover dealing with critical authorizations and securing elements between SAP installations and the greater IT landscape, be it with regard to the database, operating system, or internal network at hand or in communicating with
external services or the Internet.

The content of this ebook is also part of the handbook "Information Security Management".

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