MB ARBS 0002-eng - ISO 45001:2018 Guidance – Audit Practice

MB ARBS 0002:2022-05-03

MB ARBS 0002-eng - ISO 45001:2018 Guidance – Audit Practice
  • Practical tool of the TÜV auditors
  • Structure of an OH&S management system
  • Checklist for system audits
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  • TÜV-Verband-Merkblatt Arbeitsschutz
  • MB ARBS 0002-eng - ISO 45001:2018 Guidance – Audit Practice
  • MB ARBS 0002:2022-05-03
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Target group Occupational health and safety managers, safety specialists (SiFa), internal... mehr

Target group

Occupational health and safety managers, safety specialists (SiFa), internal auditors

Benefit from the know-how of the certifiers

The guideline for DIN ISO 45001 was created by the working group "Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems" of the TÜV Association Management Systems Office. It serves as an orientation for all auditors of the Technical Inspection Agencies (TÜV) when carrying out certification audits. As it reflects the comprehensive insider know-how of the German TÜV certification bodies, it is ideally suited for setting up an SGA management system and preparing for internal and external audits.

Requirements of ISO 45001 illustrated

The guide is designed as a clear, three-column table:

  • The first column "Standard chapters with requirements" contains the texts of standard chapters 4 to 10 of DIN ISO 45001:2018 in the original text.
  • The second column "Requirements for audit practice/implementation in the organization" shows what the standard requirements mean and provides examples of how these can be implemented in company practice in a way that is safe for certification.
  • The third column, "Additional information for auditors," shows what TÜV auditors pay particular attention to during a certification audit.

Blueprint and checklist for an SGA management system according to ISO 45001

The guide can be used very well as a "blueprint" for setting up an occupational health and safety management system in accordance with ISO 45001. It provides numerous examples of practical solutions for implementing the standard requirements, from which the appropriate measures for one's own company can be selected. At the same time, it can be used as a comprehensive checklist during internal audits to systematically check one's own management system for weaknesses and potential for improvement.


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