Safety Culture

Albert Kuhlmann
Safety Culture
1. Auflage 2001
15 x 21,5 cm, broschiert
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In recent years the safety idea has become increasingly important in all areas of our industrial society. `Safety science` is now recognised as an independent indisciplinary branch of knowledge. There are already signs today of `safety culture` being anchored in people´s consciousness.
Based on practical examples and personal experience, the author outlines the activities undertaken in our industrial society in order to ensure a reasonable, trust-based relationship to technology. In doing this, he deals with developments in safety in different fields and describes the numerous measures for dealing with technical safety such as the setting of limiting values and standards, safety analyses, environmental impact assessment and the declaration of conformity with regard to product safety.
The author also deals specifically with the conflict between technically possible, economically feasable and socially acceptable solutions and comments on the influence of the media and legislators on discussions connected with these topics. The author´s aim is to highlight the political respnsibility which rests in the hands of committed experts and to demonstrate the chances and benefits safety culture can bring to society.

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